Red Green Embroidery Garden Umbrella GU10
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Red Green Embroidery Garden Umbrella GU10
Designer garden umbrella, with applique works on both side. Patch work , mirror work designs done on both side. It is a technology we can get elegant, graceful and decorative effects by stitching small pieces of colored cloths, mirrors, frills on the base cloth (fabric).Garden Umbrella come in various sizes and can also be customized as per the requirements.

  • Umbrella Shape:    Round
  • Weight:    8kg
  • Fabrrc Material:    Cotton and Velvet
  • Dimensions:    213.36 x 192 x 160cm
  • Application:    Garden
  • Set Contain:    1 Set of Garden Umbrella With Stand

A red green embroidery garden umbrella is a type of decorative garden umbrella that features a combination of red and green colors with embroidery work. It adds a vibrant and artistic touch to your outdoor space, making it visually appealing.

The canopy of this umbrella is typically made from a durable and weather-resistant fabric such as polyester, acrylic, or treated cotton. The use of these materials ensures that the umbrella can withstand outdoor conditions and provide shade and protection from the sun.

The red and green colors are often used together to create a lively and eye-catching design. The embroidery work can include intricate patterns, motifs, or designs stitched onto the canopy, adding texture and visual interest. The embroidery may incorporate various elements such as flowers, leaves, or geometric shapes, depending on the specific design.

The red and green color combination is often associated with nature and can create a harmonious and refreshing atmosphere in your garden or outdoor space. It can complement the surrounding greenery and add a pop of color to the overall aesthetic.

Similar to other garden umbrellas, the red green embroidery garden umbrella typically features a sturdy frame made from materials like wood, aluminum, or steel. It may come with a crank or pulley system for easy opening and closing, as well as a tilt mechanism for adjusting the angle of the canopy.

When choosing a red green embroidery garden umbrella, consider the size, design, and overall style to ensure it complements your outdoor decor. It can serve as both a functional shade provider and a decorative element, enhancing the beauty of your garden or outdoor seating area.



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