Red Cotton Embroidery Hand Bag HB2
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Red Cotton Embroidery Hand Bag HB2
Contains a main zipper compartment on top of bag, two carrying handles and a front pocket with a velcro closure cover flap to keep your gadgets secure. It is made of 100% quality crushed, wrinkled look cotton fabrics. Soft and comfortable to carry in hands. The lovely embroidered applique patterns will add a bit of cute flare to your traveling set. You can put any gadget in it as your needed (phone, key chain, cosmetics, camera, pen, pencil, marker, earphone, bluetooth headset, etc.).

Design/Pattern:   Embroidered
Item Number:    HB2
Weight:    0.05kg
Dimensions:    42 x 20 x 26cm
Fabrics:    Cotton and Velvet
Wash Care:    Dry Wash

A red cotton embroidery handbag is a type of handbag made from cotton fabric and embellished with embroidery in a red color. It is a stylish and versatile accessory that adds a pop of color and texture to any outfit.

A red cotton embroidery handbag can come in various styles, including tote bags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, or clutch bags. The size and shape can vary, offering options for different storage needs. Some handbags may feature additional embellishments like beads, sequins, or mirrors to enhance the overall design.

Cotton is a popular material for handbags due to its softness, breathability, and durability. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry, making it suitable for everyday use. The embroidery on the bag adds an intricate and decorative touch, typically featuring patterns, motifs, or designs created with colored threads.

Overall, a red cotton embroidery handbag is a fashionable and eye-catching accessory that combines the practicality of a handbag with the beauty of embroidery. It can be a unique addition to your wardrobe and a way to express your personal style.


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